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StuMo Summit provides college students with an exciting two-week opportunity to develop their faith, leadership, and character.


It is a time to learn truths about life and practical skills that will set you up to live out your faith and be a leader for the rest of your life.  Each student will learn to share their faith, study and apply the Bible to their lives, and deepen friendships with others. 

May 13 - May 27

Location & Schedule

StuMo Summit is hosted in South Fork, Colorado, a quiet town tucked away in the Rocky Mountains. Participants will stay at the Rio River Retreat Lodge. The private property is spacious and only a short drive to town and to New Hope Church, where StuMo Summit trainings will be held. Each day, students will receive training from 9am until 2pm by StuMo staff. Afternoons and evenings will have built-in leisure time, allowing students to build community and explore the area. Weekend trips and events are designed to enjoy Colorado and connect with friends. Students can go fishing, hiking, check out the other nearby tourist towns, or relax at the Rio River Retreat.






*Participants are able to raise funds to pay for part or all of the cost for StuMo Summit. The full amount is due upon arrival. Training and resources are available for those who choose to raise funds.

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