Matt Pace

14 years with StuMo (1 in India, 13 at UCA)

  • What are your favorite 2-3 resources for each of evangelism, establishing, equipping?

  • Evang:

  • Bridge

  • Well

  • Rich Young Ruler

  • What does it mean to believe article?

  • The Grid (Hard to transfer…still a prototype hence the terrible name.)

  • The Graph of Assurance. (same as above).

  • Establishing:

  • Abiding in Christ worksheet. John 15

  • Used to be 31 day challenge, but now I teach the same method but use the bookmarks…reading through the NT in one year with basic: date, passage, key thought, key verse, key application, pray.

  • Building Foundations Bible study.

  • The Vision.

  • I really focus on getting them spending daily time with God. and in a small group bible study with other guys for establishing.

  • Equipping:

  • How to lead Bible studies. Objective statement, KOQ, Discovery, Understanding, Illustration, and Application questions.

  • How to ask Questions: Launch, Guide, and Summarize.

  • Caking your ministry. Understanding: Who are my contacts? Who am I processing with? Who am I establishing? Who am I equipping?

  • The three Cs: Conviction, Consistency, Competency.

  • The three questions: Where are they at? Where are they going? What’s the next step?

  • What do you do for follow up? Topics and content?

  • I always use the 4 basic followups (Back to God, Word, Prayer, Assurance of Salvation) for follow up. Keep it real simple. I feel we have an obligation to teach those 4 to anyone that we get to lead to Christ.

  • When/how do you know when to translate the relationship from being a parent to being more of a partner in ministry?

  • I believe you MUST force it in smaller portions, earlier than you think, before you communicate it. The last step is to communicate it. They should almost be partners before you ever formally “hand it over”. And even on that note…as a staff person, we should not ever TOTALLY hand over a target! There are students that ONLY a staff person can reach. I believe this b/c I believe in the calling God has given us on the campus. However, as we hand over targets, we can primarily focus elsewhere.

  • The short answer: I translate the relationship from parent to partner when they are acting like a partner. The formal handing over should be a conversation that shows them that in actuality they are already doing most of it, but now I am leaving it even more in your hands b/c you have been faithful!

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