Blake Chrisman

10 years with StuMo (including one year in India)

1) What are some of the best discipleship resources you use or would recommend?

The Bible, Lost Art of Disciplemaking, Personal Disciplemaking

2) What are some of the best practices in discipleship?

Time. It takes time and there is no shortcutting that.

I think our DMG’s are some of the best practices because it gets people together who are trying to grow. Supplementing 1-1 time in the context of a group.

3) What does your time look like with the people you disciple?

We meet in our DMG and then meet up one-to-one periodically depending on their involvement…either once every two weeks or once a week. We typically read one passage or section of Scripture and talk thru that. I use the “SHARP” acronym as a guide to what our time together looks like. Usually at least once a month I like to get off campus and do something fun with them.

4) What do you do for follow up (topics, content)?

Follow up: Gospel again, Scope of Salvation, Quiet time, Vision for Growth

5) How often do you see them per week, typically? In what context?

Most bought in guys I’ll see formally 2-3 times per week.

6) What topics do you try to discuss with your disciple? Best resources?

I use the Knowledge, Skills, character, Vision framework to pick topics. I typically choose from the 30 objectives in Lost Art as well as leadership qualities from Maxwell’s Indispensable Qualities of a Leader. I try to present all those thru the lense of someone in scripture.

7) What is the best thing you do in your discipleship of a new/young believer?

I try to get them around other leaders and other believers. I want guys who come to faith to know Candler and other people involved in our ministry. I try to get them to share their decision of faith with someone. I’ve noticed their openness to talk about it to others is usually one of the best signs that they truly came to faith.

8) What are your favorite 2-3 resources for each of evangelism, establishing and equipping someone?

Evangelism - Just Walk Across The Room, Finding Common Ground, 7 Principles of an Evangelistic Life, Heart of Evangelism

Establishing - Personal Disciplemaking, Lost Art of Disciple-making, Fuel & the Flame

Equipping - Spiritual Multiplication in the Real World, Spiritual Leadership

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