Jena Parker

Approximately 10 years with StuMo at KSU and KU

What are some of the best practices that you practice in discipleship?

wish i did more DICE- this is one of the best things to do bc modeling and taking people with us is so helpful for them, first couple years on staff externally process as you're thinking through anything you do, when we went to KU walking with Tori verbally/externally processed which table to sit down at and why this one and not this one, i.e. what to do in a 1-1 when she just came to Christ and why you chose that direction

When you disciple someone, how often do you meet with them?

every other week, bc they are usually helping with an IBD, in a bible study, if she met with them every week she would only be discipling people, she tells them how much she is gonna meet with them. Doesn't set a specific time, she figures it out every single week, bc her girls will fit in around, prioritize scheduling with the lost first, then schedule girls she disciples, then others in her planning, and she verbally tells them that, but if something is happening call me

What does your time look like with them?

a third to a half- relational catching up how are you what's going on, half content or helping them process through their ministry. Sometimes there's so much to cover that it's 100% content and we just hang/catch up when driving

How do you prepare a one to one?

Also a best practice, streamline content: do exact same thing with every girl in a week bc I don't, I'll go crazy, unless there is a felt need or something, when I try to make it individualized I can't disciple 10 people efficiently

Plan before semester begins, not every single thing, but thinks through which E each girl is in.

Establishing, in a google doc will write out wheel and think wherever they at and where are they going next step. Think through wisdom vision skills and character from Fuel and the Flame for equipping girls, core discipling sheet tries to plug and play a little

On excel she retyped out the core plan for each girl and highlights what she has done and hasn't

What do you do for follow up (topics, content)?

get them in the Word immediately, sometimes gives 31 day challenge that next week, unless they need it immediately she tries to do that with them and get consistent, doesn't do who i am in christ until they are for sure for sure following, get them plugged into the body somehow, try to really get them to come to stumo or bible study

how long do you usually disciple someone?

idk depends on what happens when they graduate. Sometimes i don't know what my role is beyond. Put the ball in their court once they graduate. under commit and over deliver. once they are in exporting you're not discipling you're coaching, not so much bringing content.

how often do you see them per week, typically? In what context?

IBD helping, bible study, try to be in their world, on their turf, in their room, around their people and their peers, 1x/week is a lot, so if she hasn't been there in 2 weeks then needs to get there. they are at everything, leadership etc, seeing them a lot but wants to see them not just in those formal settings, invite to run errands.

What topics do you try to discuss with your disciple? Best resources?

think through the tanks, gage that in questions, especially for girls, wants them to know she cares not just using them to get to their house, priority, our goal is to make laborers not converts, doesn't ever lead out asking about ministry unless they have a cool story. Will always talk about them first, ripple, start close to them, how are they, their friends, their family, hows ministry, shows what you value.

When/how do you know when to transfer the relationship from being a parent to being more of a partner?

not the same for every person, people are in the establishing phase a lot longer than they think or I think, hear how they are thinking, let them help you lead a study, try to coach her a little and see if they run with it. Naturally will progress, other girls given those challenges it doesn't go well, its not that their not faithful just not there yet.

What is the best thing you do in your discipleship of a new/young believer?

Someone who is the first one in their house to come to Christ, get them around other people who are trying to walk with God in other houses, or get them around a laborer in another house that was in their same position, I don't want to be the only hero and I want other people to be their heroes, will invite laborers to serve a dessert or dinner and help be around them, will connect them to other girls in their major and help them know they aren't alone and are connected, people who are connected to the body are the ones who make it

What are your favorite 2-3 resources for each of evangelism, establishing, and equipping someone?


Establishing: 31 day challenge, christ like character sheet (she re-did it to look prettier), world prayer, who i am in Christ sheet, fuel and the flame (choose certain chapters 1,2,3,4 skip plot your strategy and go up to 7 or 6 for someone going from establishing to equipping), parable of the orange tree and discussion questions, the God you can know, calm my anxious heart in any stage, will do a lot more of the word stuff if you're not sure if they are following (scripture memory in the context of meditating, psalm 1 illustration)

Equipping: who cares article for in between establishing, mark Ch 5:1-20 with legion for testimony, he had been following for 15 min and his story was powerful enough for impact

compassion resource for character and evangelism (joels), read all fuel and the flame together one chapter at a time, master plan of evangelism, sometimes its too heady but what else would there be

Exporting: World Christian - she has a devo on this for being a goer or sender, article by hybels for self leadership (take responsibility for your own growth)

The Calling Hand, the Book of the Finishers, calling hadn't goes along with it, helped people figure out what they should do when they graduate. The corinthian grid in any phase

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