Brian Zunigha

18 years in college ministry

(1 year under Max Barnett at OU, three years at William Jewel College in Kansas City, currently Professor of Discipleship and Director of Campus Ministry at California Baptist University)

  • Best Resources:

  • Evangelism - Bridge and Jeremiah 2:13 (we talk about how sin will never satisfy - it's a broken cistern and make lists of things that try to fulfill people but don't).

  • Establishing - Wheel, word hand, Topical Memory System.

  • Equipping - Vision for making disciples illustration, 4 E's (what you mentioned plus "extending to the unreached"), 2 Timothy 2:2

  • Right when someone comes to faith

  • Teach them how to have a TAWG, talk about community and invite them to church/small group.

  • Best thing Brian does in discipleship of a new/young believer

  • Read the Bible with them and get them to read the Bible and talk about it with others. If they go solo on this, they tend towards a very individualistic "Jesus and me" faith.

  • When Brian disciples someone...

  • “I know this is splitting hairs, but I don't tell people I'm discipling them because I don't know if they really are adopting my way of living until 5-10 years down the road. I meet with people and invest in people and I'll look back and see that I actually did disciple a few of those people, those who value the same things I value and practice the same things I practice.”

  • “So, the people I look back and say I've really discipled, I probably started meeting weekly in a one-to-one or small group setting, but also saw them in large group settings and informal settings (mainly in my home or some other life on life setting). The guys that follow Jesus like I follow Jesus probably saw me around 4-5 times per week in both formal and informal settings for at least 2 years.”

  • World Vision into a disciple?

  • “I think I've heard Howard Hendricks say if you want them to bleed, you have to hemorrhage. So when it comes to world vision, the thing that passes it on more than any illustration or tool is your life. The pictures of missionaries on your fridge, the stories you tell, and the prayers you pray for those overseas will shape others in huge ways. We expose our students to outside voices (the Traveling Team and others), and we connect them with opportunities to go overseas, but the biggest thing is you have to make sure world vision isn't compartmentalized in your own life. The other thing is to start to call out students, affirm them and let them know this is an option. Acts 13 makes a "calling" more community based than most people think these days. You're a critical part of someone's direction, so cast vision for their future as well.”

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