Brittany Sisney

StuMo Staff: 1 year in Asia, 9 years at TCU

Q: What are some of the best discipleship resources you use or would recommend

Q: What do you do for follow up (topics, content)?

  • LIT Material- Wheel content (after first 4 follow ups)

  • Prayer: ACTS Method

  • Word: 31 Day Challenge

  • Evangelism: Vision

  • Fellowship:

  • ROOTED packet

  • Establishing Content

  • Starving Baker- Book Series

Q: What are some of the best practices in discipleship you use?

  • New Girls: Remembering things about them, texting them about those things (going to make them feel very special and loved)

  • Offering to serve them a lot- going out of the way to serve them (driving, bring stuff when they are sick, cards, flowers)

  • **Getting them connected with other girls in the movement

  • DGLs, LITs and new believers around one another

Q: How many time a week are you meeting with new disciples?

  • Selected girls: 2-3 touches a week- once a week meet up, ministry together, life touch

  • Leaders in the Movement:

  • Spring: every other week 1-1, every other week DICE,

  • Fall season: maybe get more touches with them

Q: What is your ‘go to’ format of planning a 1-1?


  • Trying to find a passage of scripture: building some conviction

  • Observation, illustration and Interp questions

  • C.H.A.M.P. Outline

  • Topical Study: different verses on that topic

Q: What topics are you mainly trying to use with new believers?

  • Self Feeders

  • Character Building (specific to person)

  • Value of Community

  • Ministry Skills

  • HOW TO: share the gospel, lead a bible study, vision,

  • Teaching them Life Skills:

  • Budgeting

  • Conflict Resolution

  • How to ask good questions

  • Bring up spiritual convo

  • Time management

  • Leadership

Q: When to transfer from parenting to partnering?

  • Time: How faithful have they been

  • How long have you been investing in them?

  • How have they grown in their character?

  • Are they taking a lot of initiative on their own?

Q: How to transfer from parenting to partnering?

  • Doing more things together

  • Giving them more ministry opportunities

  • Giving them some ownership with some girls


  • Depth of our personal relationship- get to see more into my life

Q: What is the best thing you do in your discipleship with new and young believers?

  • Getting them plugged into a community

  • Wanting them to get in the word regularly

Q: What are your favorite 2-3 resources for each of evangelism, establishing, and equipping someone?

  • Evangelism: Back to God, the Bridge, Ephesians 2:8-9 & 30 Day Challenge

  • Establishing: 4 Follow Ups, Rooted Packet/Establishing Study

  • Equipping: 3 C’s (complaining, comparing, criticizing), Persistent Widow (Prayer), Starving Baker, Many Aspire, Few Attain, Freedom of Self Forgetfulness

Q: How do you keep track of your time with girls?

  • First Touch: emails herself about each girl

  • Inputs into Pledge Class Excel Sheet, cont. to add on this

  • Establishing: remembers, wants a better system

  • Leadership Girls: Keeps a Folder in her house

  • Front: D-Log: what she did for each one to one

Q: What does your relationship look like with girls you disciple? (life side)

  • Getting them around community

  • Into our home

  • Around Spouse

  • His guys

  • Build a memory (once a semester: big or small group)

  • Co-ed fun trips

  • Remember things about them:

  • Driving them, flowers, medicine

  • BIRTHDAYS, tough moments

Q: Conflict Resolution:

Q: Holiness in Media:

Q: Alcohol:

Q: Purity:

Q: Vision:

  • Matthew 9: harassed and helpless (looking at a team or pledge class pic)

  • Get them around other disciple makers

  • "Many Aspire, Few Attain"

Q: WORLD vision:

  • connecting them with people over seas

  • Prayer partners

  • Traveling Team

  • DST, AST

  • Other staff Teams coming in town

  • summer team, or short term trip

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