Brent Reinke

Q: What are some of the best discipleship resources you use or would recommend?

A: The Bible and personal disciple making

Q: What are some of the best practices in discipleship?

A: I always enjoy doing experiential things. Invite people into my home and let them see my routines as a family...go on trips...serve together...invite them to stumo early to help set me work on out together. Those seem to be the types of things that cause people to stick around and allow the door to be opened for spiritual truth.

Q: What does your time look like with the people you disciple?

A: A lot of relational time and minimal sit down content. Last semester I feel like I started to master "discipleship on the go"...I have also claimed that phrase so no one else can!

Q: What do you do for follow up (topics, content)?

A: Cover the wheel diagram

Q: How often do you see them per week, typically? In what context?

A: 2 hopefully but 3 on a good week!

Q: What topics do you try to discuss with your disciple? Best resources?

A: The Wheel and gf/bf relationships seems to be enough to fill up all my time. Occasionally some apologetics stuff.

Q: What is the best thing you do in your discipleship of a new/young believer?

A: Spend a lot of time with them. Bring them into my home. Let them see my devotion to the Lord through time in the word, prayer, and action.

Q: What are your favorite 2-3 resources for each of evangelism, establishing and equipping someone?

A: evangelism - the bible, bridge and rich young ruler

establish - the bible, The Wheel and the vision

equipping - The Bible and Kaleo

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