Stephen Click

Q: What are some of the best discipleship resources you use or would recommend?

A: Googledocs- use this for d-logs

I have a folder with articles and 1-1 folder

Personal Disciplemaking by Adsit is a great resources, especially his chart in the back with objectives

Lost Art has training objectives for a disciple, worker and leader

Q: What are some of the best practices in discipleship?

A: Love your disciple, be the person who cares most for them, ask them questions about family and life, show them that you care, break all the rules for the right people and give them more time, allow them into your life, bring them into your home, blur the lines between work and friendship for the right disciples

Q: When you disciple someone, how often do you meet with them?

A: I’ll see them at Late Night, have a 1-1 and see them at DMG minimum if they have been selected. I’m proabaly also doing ministry with them at least every other week, try to get them in our home a lot, try to be with them in their environment a lot.

Q: What does your time look like with them?

See above

Q: How do you prepare a one to one? (format, time)

A: rule of thumb it takes about 30 minutes to prepare a one hr 1 to 1.

Think through the guy and how he needs to grow in knowledge, skills, character or vision. Come up with a 1-1, which takes looking up the best passage on that topic, studying it, and coming up with questions so he can self-discover the main point.

Q: What do you do for follow up? (topics, content)

A: Adsit’s Connecting with God is my go-to resource, gives his first 12 1-1’s

I have them share the gospel back with me for the first half dozen follow ups

Q: How long do you usually disciple someone?

A: That depends on the person and the situation

For Blake we got to go to India together and come on staff at TCU, that is a life-long process. For Reinke I was only able to do follow-up fall semester of his freshmen year, invest in him spring semester of freshmen year, invest in him at kaleo, and invest in him his sophomore year before we were split up. Same was true with Dave Welk. Going to India and then TCU made it hard for me to keep up with the spiritual leadership of our relationship. With Candler I got 3 years with him and I was investing more deeply each year, now he has launched but I will still stay in pretty close contact with him.

Q: How often do you see them per week, typically? In what context?

A: See above

Q: What topics do you try to discuss with your disciple? Best resources?

A: Life. Spiritual disciplines, Purity accountability, Ministry accountability, Scripture- ask questions about quality, not quanitity

Q: When/how do you know when to transfer the relationship from being a parent to being more of a partner?

A: Approximately when the guy is on the team leader level (he has DGL level guys under him)

Q: What is the best thing you do in your discipleship of a new/young believer?

A: Get them in my home and life, be real and honest about my struggles, get to know them really well, as great questions and show them love

Go over the gospel with them over and over. Have them re-share the gospel with you… it allows it to sink in more.

Q: What are your favorite 2-3 resources for each of evangelism, establishing, and equipping someone?

A: Evangelism – bridge, Jeremiah 17 bush vs tree, 3 circles

Establishing – follow-up: connecting with God (adsit), wheel (navs), how to have meaningful QT – rick warren

Equipping – 1) give them leadership roles, 2) I asked the same question to Cnadler every week for a year: “What do you need to do this week to make a disciple that makes disciples?” That guided our ministry planning time.

Q: How do you keep track of your time together? (ex: excel sheet, google doc)

A: google docs and I have an email ( set up that I will send an email to right away and then log it later

Q: What does your relationship look like with people that you disciple?

A: See above

Q: Feel free to share any resources you like/use for any of the following topics:

A: These are some of the articles and resources I’ve been using recently:

Good scripture memory resource:

  • Alcohol/21st birthday – good MacArthur article on this, I might not have them read it, but maybe use it as a resource and walk through his logic with someone

  • Bible Study Methods – Rick Warren Bible Study Methods is a great resource, along with showing them Austin Precepts and reading a good study Bible or David Guzik to go along with their QT

  • Comparison/Contentment – I love having people read biographies like The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom

  • Finances (giving, saving, debt, budgeting) – there is a Dave Ramsey online course that is amazing

  • Follow Up (after coming to Christ) – Connecting with God by Adsit is my go to

  • Holiness (media…) – Randy Alcorn has some good stuff on holiness,

  • Leadership – Spiritual Leadership by Sanders is one of my favorites, Maxwell is good, Entreleadership is good, Andy Stanley’s podcast is good

  • Lordship- I like walking through Jeremiah 17 or 1 John or a thematic study on what Jesus says it takes to be a disciple. I also love to use the dating, engaged, or said “I do” illustration to show if someone has trusted in Christ or is still in the process

  • Marriage – Preparing for Marriage by Rainey

  • Missions/World Vision – the best thing is to get people on the field, summer team, year long team, or even a spring break trip. This adds a ton of vision, the next best thing is to go meet and international student while you are with them, or bring them into your home while you host an international student, praying through it with them is good too, but nothing brings about conviction more than meeting with someone and being the first to share Jesus with them.

  • Quiet Times – do it with them, get them doing it with each other. Blake and I did a quiet time together for 2 solid weeks when he was in college. I wouldn’t do that with every disciple but now the guy loves God’s word, so break the rules for the right people.

  • Sexuality (purity, dating) – asking good accountability questions – key for this one, use a resource like Jeremiah 17 to show them that impurity is often times a coping mechanism, also show them that they can get “free” of porn/sex, but that begin worshipping something else like health and working out… or mind numbing like binge-watching Netflix, this may just transfer our worship from sex to health, but not transfer our worship to Christ.

  • Suffering – I hit 1 Peter 1, James 1, Romans 8 and 2 Cor 1 and show that suffering can be used for good

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