Erin Gillum

USC – Christian Challenge, 16 years

Boss is Neil Walker (discipled by Max Barnett at OU; Neil has been at USC for 30 years)

Evangelism go-to's:

Three main methods:

1. Testimony

2. "Andrew Dinners" – intentional gathering – people who come know that someone is going to share their story – hike, bbq, testimony –

3. Gospel – bridge – very visual

Focus on campus is mostly relational evangelism – challenge student leaders to be a part of at least one other organization on campus –

Follow up go-to's:

The Hand

The Wheel

How to get to know Him through the Word

Assurance of Salvation





P.R.A.Y (Pray, Read, Analyse, Yield)

no printed materials – not big on worksheets - prefer Bible and notebook

address Lordship decisions

John Ortburg – best book on spiritual disciplines - The Life You've Always Wanted

Community draws them in (we are a small community on campus) – exposure to the gospel and discipleship stuff – comes before they put their trust in Christ –

Fave Resources:

john ortburg – book on community (Groups, Acts: Build Community)

Biographies – Borden of YaleWomen of the Word by Jen Wilkin (easier version of Howard Hendricks on studying the word), Evidence Not Seen – bio about Helen roseverere

How often do you see your students?

Involved Freshmen believer... almost every day of the week

1. Sunday night – ministry team meeting – coed –

2. One to one –

3. Wed at freshman connection

4. Thurs at challenge (large group meeting)

5. other Events

6. Sunday church

New believer, freshmen...

If it's me following her up.... about four times per week

1. get her to go to church

2. Freshmen Connection

3. Challenge (large group)

4. One to One

Establishing topics I cover...

6 areas that we want to establish them before they graduate:

word/ prayer

evangelism /discipleship

relationship topics / finances

When I’m working with freshmen, I look for their felt needs - every spring we do dave ramsey Financial Peace University. Also some felt needs tend to be parent issues, boyfriends, friend issues.

Heart Attitudes – gives us vocabulary, gets us on same page (we only do 5 of the 7 values)

  1. put interests of others above your own

  2. live an honest and open life before others

  3. clear up relationships

  4. Give and receive Scriptural Correction

  5. following spiritual authority within Scriptural

we have a "Freshmen Connection" meeting once a week where we spend one week on each Heart Attitude topic – these are integrated to become part of our culture

Life on Life discipleship

Luke 6:40 A disciple is not above his teacher, but everyone when he is fully trained will be like his teacher.

– we pass on who we are –

Mark 3:14 And he appointed twelve (whom he also named apostles) so that they might be with him and he might send them out to preach

Life on life doesn't happen over coffee at starbucks - it's running errands (target), it's answering their call after they go through a break up with their boyfriend, it's taking them to the doctor.... Life on life is costly and inconvenient, but that's what people remember.

I’m not here to be your authority, but to point you to Jesus (1 Cor 11: 1 Be imitators of me, as I am of Christ.)

Transparency on my end: I have to be willing to be real and honest about the yuck in my life and not pretend even when it’s not relatable to them

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