Danny Points

  • What are some of the best discipleship resources you use or would recommend?

  • Evangelism

  • Back to God, Prodigal Son, really any of the Parables in Luke (because of Christian culture, people already know the factual information, these are illustrations)

  • New Believer

  • John 15 (idea of bearing fruit, but means is remaining in Him, what does that look like? Word and Prayer)

  • Ephesians 2:1-10

  • Gospel Bible Reading Plan

  • ACTS prayer method

  • Youth

  • Anything in context of Wheel (The Word Hand

  • Meditate on Scripture

  • Vision illustration

  • TMS

  • Trust the Book” – points to credibility of the Bible

  • Inner Circle – for fellowship, who influences you

  • How To Spend An Hour in Prayer

  • Conditions for Answered Prayer (how to prayer scriptures too)

  • Mature (more equipping)

  • Thinking through knowledge. skills, character, and vision

  • Knowledge

  • Christian Beliefs – book (Wayne Grudem)

  • One Year Bible

  • Anything to deepen understanding of Bible

  • Time Mgmt

  • Skills

  • Fasting 1-1

  • 1-1 Planning (Click from AST?)

  • Character

  • Grey Areas (Corinthian Grid)

  • Vision

  • Acts 29 resource

  • Eternal perspective (what are 3 things that last forever?)

  • When you disciple someone, how often do you meet with them and why?

  • If freshman, going to try and meet a lot. If new believer and faithful guy, multiple times per week but not always going content (relational, basketball, etc). As often as he’ll let me.

  • Reason we have systems is to supplement 1-1 time, not INSTEAD of, but supplement. Bible studies, events, etc.

  • If soph/junior/senior – try to spend weekly time in some capacity if they are faithful, again doesn’t always have to bo content driven.

  • If selected – couple times a week content and hanging out.

  • When/how do you know when to translate the relationship from a parent relationship to more of a peer?

  • Once student displays desire to be connected by God and be used by God.

  • e: separation from sin, excitement for multiplication, takes initiative in the Gospel, pursues holiness, serves the movement, overall faithfulness.

  • FAITH acronym, is a good practical lense filter.

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