Lindsey Gustafson

Lindsey Gustafson, Campus Outreach (12 years)

Women’s Ministry Coordinator, Campus Outreach – Denver; formally Women’s Ministry Coordinator of CO Memphis


You just led me to Christ – what does next 6-12 months look like?

Begin the follow up process- help them understand what’s happened in their own life – understand gospel and explain what it means to them personally – I’d do a testimony workshop with them – help them understand gospel truths – I’d work with them one on one or include them into a group with girls at same place – We’d go through the wheel diagram – I’d have them think through friends who they could impact – introduce them to older girls [student leaders] on campus or people at church – integrate them into community – ideally into group of girls who are growing as well –

“Dig Deep” – 12 week establishing bible study– devo life, prayer, multiplication, id in Christ, serving others, — one on one or in groups –

The God You can Know” – book to help them understand more of who god is –

I’d take them with me to share my faith – IBD, or lunch appt, have them invite a friend to lunch, modeling a lot of things in front of them –

After 12 week thing …

Want her to pass on her faith to others – challgene her “I see F.A.I.T.H. in your life,” 2 Tim 2:2, Great Commission, challenge her to commit to 2 hr/week discipleship group, meeting one to one to share faith, come to events, lead an IBD… if she says yes – do life with her, meet with her, walk through temptations, study a book of the bible together, read a book (ministry, god you can know, Discipline of Grace, ) – memorize scripture together, hopefully they begin fishing and have some disciples for themselves, ….

List of Books you use during discipleships:

Older girls – Nancy Guthrie – great studies Seeing Jesus in the OT – books – study God’s word within that

Best thing I do – giving them your time, get in God’s Word and let that transform them – prayer – (temptations) – They need food, protection, care, hold their hand a little bit more earlier on… being around other believers, getting them plugged in to church – if so, “regardless if they never talk to me again, they’ll be ok.”

Evangelism resources – “Heart of Evangelism” is my favorite book – “Out of the Salt Shaker” – “Master Plan” – articles by Navigators – “That Hideous Doctrine” – stirs heart for evangelism and “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” – good nuggets from “One Thing You Can’t Do In Heaven

Real Talk” bible studies (Boasting, Cursing, Lying/Gossiping, Negativity, Purpose of the Tongue)

CRU “Gifts of God” – purpose, identity, significance, she uses a primer to the gospel – beauty relationships sex drinking – how we abuse the gifts of God – kinda better for southern sorority girl – Jer. 2:13, woman at the well when they say “This isn’t fulfilling me” – right now it’s irrelevant how God plays into their life –

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