Jen Johnson

Jen Johnson: Regional Directors for Heartland Region


Q: What are some of the best discipleship resources you use or would recommend?

-when she gets started with a girl after she’s come to Christ, help her get established in the wheel, word, prayer, thirst at center and obedience follow up material, have them draw their own wheel and say where they are

-help with importance of fellowship and sharing their faith, establish testimony, try to get them to share with someone else really early on to identify with Christ, you don’t have to be doing this forever to share, right when they come to Christ they are wet cement, build the right things in early on

-memorizing Scripture, value of scripture memory article ** not just the how but the why

-early on she was more concerned with how, but as time goes on they have to understand the why, the how will come

-**training language** how, why, do it with them, help them do it themselves

-in anything early on help think through that

-with different girls, favorite books to read early on is Lady in Waiting – not just about relationships but character and kind of woman to be

-further on, “many aspire, few attain” article

Q: When you disciple someone, how often do you meet with them?

its changed now that she’s a mom, not as much weekly stuff as she did early on, pre kids when she was really their spiritual leader, meet weekly, now more of a bi weekly, even with staff girls

What does your time look like with them? – 2 things always to do: 1) get in the Word together, 2) pray together – non-negotiable for 1-1’s, staff girl is coaching mostly younger girls come with content planned (doesn’t always go this way), use lots of Nancy Leigh DeMoss resources. Besides StuMo resources – fav. disciple making tools, one of her studies- seeking him study, podcasts, lies women believe book, older students use missionary biographies, shows not sacrificing very, not usually books, different passages, women life mantra verse, sometimes its just a verse, they might not even realize they got in the Word.

Q. How do you prepare a one to one?

Goal is usually prepare before a semester starts come up with a target for where you’re going – where are they now and where would you like them to be

Non negotiable list – pull out that sheet at beginning of semester and see what you have done and what’s next

Before planning a 1-1, think through where she’s at, where she’s going, and what’s the next step.

Doesn’t spend as much time, kind of wings them, day before and morning of plans them, feels like she should spend more time preparing them but this is her reality right now

Q. How long do you usually disciple someone?

Most of the girls, throughout college, sometimes just senior year, this girls spiritual leader left for India so Jen took her over, back in the day if a girl came to Christ and is hungry and has the desire and potential to multiply her life, then she’ll stick with them until they graduate. There are exceptions but for the most part they will be choosing a summer option, she will only be as committed to them as they are to use and the movement, I have to give my best time to the people who are most committed to us. If they aren’t committed to the movement they are usually committed to her.

Q. How often do you see them per week, typically? In what context?

probably even more so as a mom, incorporate them into life and family, have a girl help make and serve dinner and be there with them, they go to walmart, they babysit, do as much life with them as possible, try to enter into their world, sorority philanthropies, to capture the heart you have to be with them. girls are willing bc they realize if they don’t do those things with you they don’t get much of your time

-take them to workout or go on early morning walks, 6am walks help them see how serious they are, pray for girls, casual and intentional time, mix it up to make sure they realize, more intentional by nature but try to make it a mix of box

Q. When/how do you know when to transfer the relationship from being a parent to being more of a partner?

This has changed over time too, doesn’t want to partner with girls too early, if you transition too early before you parent well, they burn out, they don’t own why, and they don’t have good roots, they get excited about giving their life away and look like they are further along than they are, and then you skip parenting things, has over the last few years pulled the reigns back and make sure all the building blocks are there before really partnering with them, if you don’t do that well then by their junior year the cost is too high and they bolt. Doesn’t partner as early, freshmen at Kaleo temptation seeing them come back and partnering but they are really very very young and you don’t want to skip parenting things, you can do some of them simultaneously, you just can’t jump to this too fast, even if you are doing some, ie. lead an IBD, do it in stages, you lead but they come and help with kick off, slowly transition by second semester they are leading every other week, next year they lead and you come, explain I want you to enjoy being a sophomore and being pure into, don’t want to put too much on you too early, not that I don’t believe in you or think you can do it, model this for her see “how do you do this” even when girls think they are ready a lot of times they aren’t.

Q. What is the best thing you do in your discipleship of a new/young believer?

share faith early, memorize scripture, 2 things that have been the most effective, hard to get them excited about that later and add it in, its natural if they do it right away, becomes part of DNA and who they are

Q. What are your favorite 2-3 resources for each of evangelism, establishing, and equipping someone?

Evangelism: loves evangelistic articles- get off the fence articles, bob harrison wrote misconceptions of Jesus (the easy Jesus, the something Jesus)

Establishing: “my heart, Christ’s home” – “born to reproduce” article, meditating on scripture, emphasizing every other word acronym, lamentations 3:22-23 word hand, (she will text milana the name of this)

Equipping: fuel and the flame, many aspire few attain, a lot of operation world, joshua project, pre motherhood modeling things for them, being in their sphere and making sure not all the 1-1’s are in a coffee shop, be in their sphere and let them watch your life, practicing life

something she’s started to see more and more, God is entrusting these guys to you for a reason, launch them well and realize they aren’t your people, you’ll always be a part of their life and story but God might not have you in their life forever, so we don’t get territorial, you always have a special role but you transition them to different leadership and that’s good too, you can always be a resource to them

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