Lone Star South Seniors - 

Here is some more information on StuMo's post-grad opportunities for you to explore. Our desire is to see you walk with Jesus and make disciples for a lifetime. We think these are great opportunities to help you do that. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about post-grad opportunities!


Dan Edelen

Lone Star South StuMo Mobilization Director


Lone Star South Mobilization Tracks



Launch Groups (or Disciple Making Groups) are designed to provide Graduates with practical training and resources to help each person find his/her role in fulfilling the Great Commission. These groups come together each week to pray, study disciple-making, and plan how they will put into action what they are learning.


Overseas Missions

Goer Missional Communities (GMC/Go Groups/9-month groups) are a next step for those looking to go overseas. These communities exist to equip disciple-makers intending to go to unreached people groups, and for those who will stay and mobilize others to engage the unreached.


Full-Time Ministry

Full-Time Ministry opportunities are for graduates interested in a full-time job for a local church or para-church organization. Unlike the other tracks with a specific program opportunity, StuMo provides insight into the day-to-day life of full-time ministry as well as a variety of connections to biblical, disciple-making churches and organizations across Texas.