Why Orlando, Florida?

A centerpiece of Kaleo is ensuring that each student works a full-time job.  This is so each student can make money, but also so that each student can grow in his/her leadership development and apply what they are learning in a real life environment.  There are only a few places in the United States where we can be guaranteed that 200+ people per Kaleo project will be employed just for the summer.


Where will they work?

During the first week of Kaleo, students will have the opportunity to visit job sites and apply. Student's typically work between 35-40 hours a week Tuesday-Saturday.

Also, many students in the past have been able to combine an internship with a summer at Kaleo.  As long as the internship hours fit into the Kaleo schedule, students are free to work at an internship related to their major while at Kaleo.  In the past, Kaleo students have worked at internships in the engineering, medical, education, and business fields.


My son/daughter needs to take a summer class to graduate on time... 

Perfect! Students at the project are allowed to take classes online. We encourage the student to take off 5-8 hours of work a week to have adequate time to succeed in any classes they take! Approximately 30% of the students at Kaleo take summer classes. 

Where will they live?
We have secured lodging at Westgate Lakes Resort & Spa. Your son or daughter will live with six to seven other students in a condo unit. The condo will be complete with a stove, oven, microwave, refrigerator, washer and dryer unit. They will have all they need and more! 

Why eight weeks?
We feel eight weeks is the perfect length of time for a summer project. It gives the student around 4+ weeks at home while also giving him/her ample time to develop in his leadership, and to grow spiritually at Kaleo.  Often times at a week-long church camp, a person may return home on an emotional high.  We do not seek for students to make emotionally driven decisions, nor to come back home merely riding an emotional high.  Rather, we want to see students make gains in character growth, initiative-taking, leadership skills, social aptitude, and in owning responsibilities.  We believe that eight weeks is enough time for a student to truly take substantial steps in these areas. 

Why does my son/daughter have to go to Kaleo to grow spiritually and develop in leadership?
In our experience, a student can grow outside of a summer project like Kaleo, but it can be difficult.  Kaleo allows a student to get away for eight weeks to a place where he/she is in an environment that is a greenhouse for growth.  Each student will have accountability through a small group and his/her small group leader.  They will be hearing challenging messages each week from StuMo staff and other leaders. They will learn practical skills such as how to study the Bible, developing work ethic, what qualities to look for in a spouse, how to help others find a relationship with God, how to handle money, and making wise decisions.

Is Kaleo a way for my son/daughter to just relax on the beach all summer?
No way.  Kaleo is not designed for the student who wants to take it easy.  There will be plenty of opportunities for the student to have fun, go to social events, take a road trip, go on group dates, make memories, etc... But Kaleo is so much more than this.  At Kaleo, our goal is to develop young leaders. The schedule is designed to ensure the students develop in the areas mentioned above.  Thus, the schedule is very full with work, small group interaction, listening to speakers, giving presentations, etc...

I really want my son/daughter to get an internship while in college...
In many ways, we believe Kaleo has as much value as an internship.  At many internships, students are at the bottom of the totem pole and are not learning any significant leadership or people skills, which are absolutely essential in any career field.  While internships may look good on a resume, many internships do not necessarily translate into true life skills, development, leadership awareness, or spiritual growth.  We wholeheartedly believe Kaleo is invaluable for building these areas into young leaders. Additionally, we encourage students to search for and apply for available internships in the Orlando area that relate to their major/field.


Can I visit my son/daughter while they are at Kaleo?

Yes! We would love for you to visit! Stay tuned for more information about our Family Weekend.