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The assignments will take about 2 hours each week to complete on your own. In addition to the assignments, there will be a one-hour online group discussion to help you process what you’re learning with your group. 2 hours to complete assignments, 1 hour group discussion, so about 3 hours total.



Summer Training costs $149. The money goes towards covering the costs of producing the resources, shipping costs, website, producing and editing the talk videos, etc. 



You will be expected to complete the assignments on your own and then be an active participant in the online group discussions with your group. There can be some unknowns in the summer with different events that come up, but we ask that you do everything in your power to be present for these online group discussions. These will be the most important aspect of keeping you accountable and processing what you’re learning. Your group leader will work hard to find a discussion time that is conducive to all members of the group.


Your payment will confirm your participation with Summer Training. You will get your materials shipped to you all together in a gift box and will arrive sometime in mid May. 



Summer is a time for you to take a break from normal campus life and experience something different. Study abroad. Get an internship. Visit family. Work a job. Take a vacation. The summer offers endless possibilities of fun and excitement. But summer also presents several challenges to continue your spiritual growth. During the summer, all we want to do is disengage from the pressures that we experience during the school year. The temptation to disengage can often carry over into your spiritual life. The desire to “unplug” from the stresses of life can lead to unplugging spiritually without even knowing it. 


Secondly, summer causes you to get out of the routine that helped you grow spiritually in the first place. You might be living in a new place, maybe with new roommates or back with your family. Or you’re working a new job with new coworkers and you’re trying to learn the ropes as fast as possible. Whatever it is, life in the summer is different than typical campus life and it can throw us off.  


Lastly, during the summer you probably won’t be surrounded by all the people, events, or other things that have aided your spiritual development. Many times without these people or resources, we’re lost to know how to move forward. 


That’s why Summer Training was created. For the summer to be a step forward in your spiritual growth, not a step back. 

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