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How to complete online check-in with Royal Caribbean

Documents needed for check-in

  • Passport Information for each guest you are checking in online

  • Crown & Anchor Society Membership Number (if you are a member)

  • Personal credit card for any additional onboard expenses you choose to make

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Note: It's required to download the Royal Caribbean App

(You can check-in that way too!)

You can download and use the Royal Caribbean app to check in via your phone.  The app is available on the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store.


How to check-in

Here are the easy-to-follow steps for completing online check-in for DST 2022!

Step 1 - Sign in or Create an Account

1. Before you check-in, you need to log in or create an account with Royal Caribbean. You can do this online or in the app.

2. After you are logged in, you should see our cruise automatically linked to your account based on your name and birthday. Click "Start Check In"

If you don't see the cruise automatically linked to your account, please contact Brooke.

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Step 2 - Complete Travel Info

Select the traveler you are checking in, and then you will fill out the travel information for that person.


1) Enter Passport Information

Enter your passport information, or if you are using the app you can take a picture and then the information auto-populates.


2) Take a security photo

During this process, you let Royal Caribbean know if they can use this photo for biometric identification during and photography. If you don’t select this option during check-in, you will have to take another picture at the cruise terminal. The photography option lets them use your face to quickly lookup pictures you take while on board to show you in the app and at the photo gallery. 


3) Confirm your country of residence and birth


4) Add your Royal Caribbean Crown & Anchor number

If you’ve cruised with Royal Caribbean previously, put in your Crown & Anchor society number.


5) Put your current address


6) Enter an emergency contact who is not traveling with you


7) Add a credit debit card for onboard expenses.

Here you’ll add your personal credit or debit card to use for onboard expenses. We prepaid the required gratuity for your room and dining services, so anything that gets charged to your card will be the optional onboard purchases you make.


8) Accept Royal Caribbean’s Legal Terms and Conditions

Step 3 - Select Arrival Time

Here you will select the time window for your arrival on December 3rd. Please select a time slot that ends before 1:00PM or the earliest available time slot. Our hope is to have our entire group on board early! 

Royal Caribbean strongly encourages all guests to show up to the port only during their boarding time. Depending on the port and date, they say guests may be turned away if they show up early to the cruise terminal and asked to come back later. Other times, early guests may just have to wait in a stand-by line and be allowed to board once everyone with the designated time boards. 

After you have selected your arrival time, you're checked in (for now).

Step 4 - Health Status Questionnaire

On the day before our cruise leaves, December 2nd, we will all need to go on the app and complete the last portion of the check-in process, the health status questionnaire. If you don't do this, you will need to do this during boarding and it will add additional time. Please know you will be asked to disclose your vaccination status to Royal Caribbean during this step.

05 - Scan your SetSail Pass at the terminal

Now you’re all set. Through the app, you’ll get an online SetSail pass to add to your apple wallet that the agents will scan when you arrive at the cruise terminal during boarding. If you don't download the app, you need to print the SetSail Pass that is linked to your account online.


When you show up to board, you must bring your Driver's License, Passport, and Vaccine Card. Note: Unvaccinated guests no longer need to come with a negative Covid-19 test, they recently dropped that requirement. 🙌🏼

PS – There will be another email going out closer to the sailing date with very detailed information! (Parking/arrival info, what to pack, schedule for DST, excursion information, regional policies, etc.)