Kaleo's Commitment to Health and Safety

Last Updated: May 18, 2020

a note about covid-19

The health and safety of our students is our #1 priority. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we think it is important that you understand our efforts to manage the health and safety of all Kaleo participants so you can make an informed choice in attending our Kaleo summer project. We are focused on taking all reasonable measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 at our project. 

We have strengthened our cleaning procedures, while adding increased frequency measures for things such as disinfecting rooms and providing students with masks. Additionally, we have taken measures to monitor and address symptomatic students by introducing a pre-Kaleo health screener, daily temperature checks, and protocols to isolate, confirm, respond and remove any student or staff with suspected COVID-19. You can view the complete list of measures we’re taking by scrolling down this page. 

This situation continues to change daily, and as such, we will adapt and adjust our protocols and procedures as we follow guidance provided by the CDC and local health departments, in our efforts to keep our students, staff and families safe. We will be continually updating this webpage with any new guidelines or measures we decide to take. 

In response, we’ve identified several commitments for your health and safety we’ll make this summer at Kaleo.

protocols and procedures

*Health Screener Form*


Download the Health Screener Form for Kaleo Summer 2020. It is required for any Kaleo participant to bring a signed copy with them to check in. 


Download both waivers, these will be due May 31st.

Keeping things Clean

We will be providing all students and staff hand sanitizer, masks and antibacterial hand soap to use at Kaleo. We will have weekly room checks where we will ______**?


Lowering Health Risk

To ensure everyone arriving to Kaleo is free from virus, we are asking all Kaleo participants to take a few preventative measures before they arrive.  StuMo staff will be required to self-isolate prior to Kaleo, and we highly encourage students to do the same. We also ask for all students and staff to take their temperature daily for 7 days leading up to their arrival in Florida. We will be talking with students to identify anyone who has had relevant exposure, symptoms, or elevated temperature. We will not be allowing anyone to come to Kaleo who is identified as posing a health risk to our other participants or staff.

Keeping Separate

In the unfortunate event that one or more students contract an illness that might spread, we will have sleeping rooms on site set aside where students would stay isolated. At that point StuMo staff will help the student get tested for COVID-19, and the student will not be allowed to resume Kaleo activities until they receive a negative COVID-19 test result. This will ensure that any illnesses among students are caught and contained quickly, and do not spread throughout the project. 

Staff and Student Training

Every student and staff at Kaleo will be trained on all new procedures being implemented. These will include weekly room checks and disinfection protocols, new schedules and programs to fit state guidelines, and simple daily cleaning procedures.


Medical Resources

We will have 2 registered nurses on site throughout the summer. *Insert sentence about having partnerships/relationships to the urgent cares/hospitals in the area?

Checking Temperatures

Our staff will be taking the temperature of every Kaleo participant on their way into any sort of Kaleo group activity.  If a student is found to have an elevated temperature, they will be sensitively guided away to our isolation rooms where next steps will be addressed. 

Rapid Response

In the event that an illness - including COVID-19 - presents at Kaleo, our protocol is structured to Isolate, Confirm, Respond, and Remove the impacted student. We will be communicating closely with the student’s family and handle any case with love and care and to determine next steps for that particular student. 


Kaleo employs numerous layers of systems and protocols to ensure that our students stay safe, clean and healthy this summer. However, the most important thing we do as a ministry is spend countless hours praying in advance for every student who will be with us this summer. Our prayer is that they would experience an unforgettable summer of friendships, fun, and growing in their relationship with Jesus in a healthy and safe environment. 

Kaleo Programs

We’re evaluating all of our Kaleo programs and events to determine any changes we need to make to keep them in compliance with our many policies and protocols. We will ensure that all of our large group gatherings will fall in line with whatever restrictions or protocol the state is recommending at the time of Kaleo. Florida’s phases of reopening.

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